can you recommend some ikon blogs and a few jinhwan blogs too please? have a lovely day! ☺️

hey you! Ahhh there are so many amazing iKON blogs out there. I’m really sorry if I miss someone (which I definitely will). Not all of them are content maker or post their own stuff but they’re like the loveliest people in the universe:

?@hanbabi ?@bobhwa ?@charismatic-kimbab ?@donghyuks-thighs ?@shimco ?@ikonis ?@konydonghyukie ?@1junhoe ?@ikobean ?@v-ii ?@hoemino ?@darlinglion ?@conquered-the-stage ?@incomplete-life ?@ikontexts  ? @imaginekon ?@netkon ?@ikonhabits ?@ikon-global

Jinani blogs:

?@hwan-tastic (doubleKJH blog don’t try to deny it Kya) ?@hwaniful  ?@binhwanstears