Fandom Things We Can Leave In 2017 

  1. getting super salty about the new stage names 
  2. getting super salty at people who use the stage names
  3. getting pressed about how people capitalize iKON 
  4. telling people they can’t stan iKON if they like some other group 
  5. pity biasing 

6. Constant mentions about ‘concerns and worries’ over Donghyuk weight.🙄

7. Bobby ‘gf’ rumours 🙄

8. Getting upset at members who get a chance to do other stuff🙄 ( @people who hated on bobby when he sang in king masked singer)!

9. Getting angry over stupid stuff and then proceeding to participate in fanwars 🙄

10. Calling people fake for not ‘defending’ the boys and for just ignorning it 🙄

11. (I would have never thought I’d say this in this Fandom but…) SHIPWARS

12. Wanting to make the whole world believe that member X and member Y aren’t that close anymore just because we don’t get to see them together as often as before

13. Taking everything that the Fandom shares for granted

14. Making up rumors because of boredom