Can you help me explain to new fans music show…

Can you help me explain to new fans music show wins are mainly fandom power. And iKONCs aren't as big of a fandom anymore. And we do what we can given our numbers. Which i why LS only has two wins and a bajillion PAKs. General public don't care for voting or buying or streaming on youtube. The same group of people keep asking why only 2 wins when it tops charts.

Hey anon! What you are saying is 100% right. While Korean Charts (melon, bugs, naver etc) require the general public’s liking in order for a group to have a PAK, the music shows wins are mostly fandom based. Here’s sth to help everyone out. (you can read everything here)


As you can see, every music program has it’s own system and requirements. You will need to vote, have many physical album sales and score points on other social media platforms in order to get a win. All of which require fandom power. iKONICs are a pretty small fandom right now, so just the general public’s support usually don’t guarantee a Music Show win if we are against a biggest fanbase. On the other hand tho, to be able to get #1 in all charts at the same time, and long enough to stay for a week, your song will have to be loved by the general public aka Korea to listen to your song all day for days (which is super hard, especially for boy groups). In conclusion, Music Show wins and Perfect All Kills in korean charts, are two different things. Sure, if your song charts well it will help the MS win, but it won’t guarandee you one.