iKON as aesthetics


The feeling of lace on your skin, the taste of tangerines, silk bed sheets, oversized jackets, whispering at 3am, crying when your friend starts crying, snowflakes on eyelashes, sleeping in, soft skin, small seashells on the beach, foreign languages,

bruised knees.

Clothes fresh from the dryer, sunlight filtering through curtains, the smell of freshly baked cookies, wishing on starts, a field of sunflowers, corny jokes, fresh air, feeling at home, finding new hobbies, cherry blossoms, soft promises, self-care.

Meeting up with old friends, skylines, ordering takeout, listening to music too loud, punching a vending machine to get a snack for free, sleepy morning voices, sneaking out of the house at midnight,

hot pizza, unmade beds, staying at the beach until it gets too cold.

Holding hands for the first time, fuzzy socks, letting go of balloons, falling asleep on someone’s shoulder, playing with puppies, shy smiles, sloppy handwriting, old movies, cotton candy, off-key singing, beautiful eyes, love letters, no-makeup days, saying goodbye, comfortable silence.

Smiling until your cheeks hurt,

a familiar lullaby,

knitted sweaters, coming home, study dates with a group of friends, butterfly kisses, warm embraces, deep conversations, doodling in notebooks, honey, having someone play with your hair, dancing alone.


Movie marathons, forehead kisses,

making someone smile, sticking your head out of a car window, giggling at stupid jokes, flannels, singing in the shower,

scented candles, concerts, skipping classes, rooftop conversations at night, falling in love with a stranger.

Quick glances, bear hugs, water balloon fights, blue summer skies, friendship bracelets, jumping in puddles, playing video games all night, disney movies, adrenaline rushes, nose kisses, licking the icing off cupcakes,

wet sneakers,  playful teasing.