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[IG] 180312 _dong_ii (#Donghyuk, #Bobby): “#moday#WhatIsmoday
# Pabo(Fool)KimJiwon


#Bobby comments:

#Donghyuk replies:
(In cute tone)“Dummy”

#Bobby replies #Donghyuk: ㅠㅠ

Donghyuk: “Because hyung make a mistake isn’t it normal for the dongsaeng (younger one) to follow and make a mistake too”
Bobby: +++ “Isn’t it that the upper stream should be clear ?” +++
Donghyuk: “Correct, so it is all because of Kim Jinan”

+++ (T/N: In reference to the “Upper stream”, it is an idiom that goes, “The lower stream is only clean when the upper stream is clean”. Meaning anyone lower (or in this case younger) is only clean (or a good example) if the upper stream is clean (in this case the hyung, which is Jinhwan).)