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After this I can’t stop thinking about an AU where bobhwan are CEOs of rival companies, and hate each other’s guts. Some shit happen and they meet and still dislike each other but in the hot kind of way. PLEASE SOMEONE WRITE THIS I AM WILLING TO PAY!

BobHwan as CEOs


as CEOs

YunDongChan as CEOs

Beautiful iKON x StarCast Edit


yunjun 💕


u got through everything u didnt think u were strong enough for


i’m tired of being alone, sick of being single, shit i think i’m taeyang


being a soft sleepy horny crybaby 24/7 is hard work but someones gotta do it


iKON-Official is looking for members!

Hello everyone! We are looking for 1-2 Moderators who are willing to join our team and help us run iKON-Official here on tumblr. Your job will be to help us with the daily updates of the blog and post as many content as possible. 

Basic Requirements for being a Mod. Please make sure you are serious about this before applying.

  • You have to know the iKON members well. 
  • Willing to adapt with the way we run the blog.
  • Willing to learn our tagging and captioning system.  
  • Be willing to put time into updating the blog.
  • Communicate and work smoothly with the other admins.

Below is the application form! 
Please fill it out accordingly and submit it to us here

  • Name: (how you want us to call you)
  • Main Tumblr URL:
  • Country:
  • Timezone:
  • iKON Bias: (you can pick more than one, we know the struggle)
  • Do you have any prior experience on running fy blogs on tumblr?
  • Are you currently a member/admin somewhere? If yes, where?
  • Languagues you are currently speaking or studying?
  • Any questions you would like to ask us?

Thank you so much for your interest, we are looking forward for your application!