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I will most probably be on hiatus until I manage my time and responsibilities better and until I stop being hurt everytime I listen or watch an iKON picture. Am still supporting the boys and will be active most probably on twitter tho.

For now, on tumblr I’ll lurk on my tv/fims main blog.

I want it all to end. I’m tired with myself.


Fuck you dispatch

– Sincerely, everyone.



There’s a grandma on twitter trying to be edgy and translating articles inaccurately with a biased point of view. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING SHE WRITES if you don’t want to be filled with lies. She adding on purpose her own personal opinion into the “translation” so it looks like it’s all from articles and states speculations and rumors as facts. 
Report, block & ignore. Trash isn’t worth more of our time.  


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Hello everyone! How have you been? It’s been hard to cope right? We completely feel that. For that reason our team decided to make a groupchat for all the iKONICS here on tumblr that feel lonely and hurt. 

We have to clarify that this is a gc for iKONICS that support OT7 and are having a hard time in the current situation. So, if you would like to be a part of the GC, please sent us your Kakao Talk ID.

[OP-ED] Why everyone should love and support Kim Hanbin:

I’m shocked that the first perfect article of this case is written by allkpop. But there’s a first time for everything I guess.. Please read it guys. And comment possitive things ❤️


the fact of the matter is that instead of embracing hanbin and letting him know it’s alright to have a weakness and give in to his darker thoughts during his lowest points in life, yg AND the Korean media chose to spin this up as some sort of tragic fallen hero tale and essentially shun him from the industry. it’s absolutely none of our business to pick apart what he was going through but the man opened up about his depression and dark thoughts on several occasions and yet the media still ignores the hardships of idol lives, esp being in the top 3 and have all these expectations put on you, and they continue to do so with other idols who have been open about mental illness and depressive cycles. and the worst thing is! he didnt buy or do anything to harm himself or others around him! hes been clean! there are so many more relevant things to be worried about and to put on blast, it’s really shameful to see we can’t move past this mental illness shaming already and start treating idols like normal human beings