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Damn that anon makes me want to play all of hanbins solo songs in front of them, we’re out here as a fandom, they over there getting pressed👏🏼🤷‍♀️

Alexa play ‘One and Only’ by B.I

They can stay as pressed as they want, this will not change the fact that all of iKON, their families AND a whole fuckin’ fandom is supporting and protecting Hanbin while waiting for his return 🤭 

Let them bark, they can’t bite us.

I am so glad you are back on tumblr 🙁 I missed you thank you for coming back

I missed being here too love ♥ ty for the warm message

Hello~~~ are you the admin of ikon-official?

I’m one of the admins yes. 

can't you accept that hanbin is gone and move on? ikonics really get on my nerves


If we really get on your nerves explain to me why you’re in my inbox? Just block me and move on dude.

Hi.. are you active on twitter? I want to be updated on every day news with Hanbin but I am afraid to randomly follow accounts there in case they are toxic.

Hey sweetheart! Yes I try to be active there more bc rn it kind of helps with the situation. My account is @ bobhwa_

"#it's gonna be another hard to handle day tomorrow" what's happening tomorrow?

We will see 🙂 It is just a feeling I have that new articles will be out tomorrow. HSH is back to Korea and today it was calm.. so.. 

i checked insta and june didnt like that comment, or if he did he must have unliked it 😔

I checked it myself last night when it happened ^^ Also, there is a video screen record, an iKONIC made it when it happened 🙂 Idk if he unliked it or sth but, he liked it. He reads everything and they are

figthing with us!

Stay strong baby! 

bby, I hope you feel better soon 🙁 please take care of yourself as much as you can, because we all will get through this with the boys

We will make it. iKON did not raise us to be weak b*tches. Let’s fight.


your opinion on carbonated water

Funny you should ask that lol I am currently drinking Perrier with Lemon. I love carbonated water. It’s my first option when I want to drink something other than plain water!

top five ikon ships?

I think currently it’s 

bobhwan, doubleb, jundong, bobdong, junhwan

But I love and ship every iKON otp