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Hello friends~ So I decided to make a Fanfic Masterlist with all

iKON fanfics I’ve read and liked! This is a revised and remade list of my first very old one. I’ll be constantly updating this as I go over my “Plan to Read” list and discover other great stories.  

Feel free to message me with any recommendations of your own!

This list will be long af, so I apologize in advance 😊

List Created: 01/06/2019
Last Update: 01/06/2019

Masterlist Tag Navigation:

💙: Absolute personal favorite fics that I can’t get over  

⭐: Highly recommended fics 


🌸: Fluff & all that romantic jazz   

💔: Angst, when the story consists of sad / stressfull / heartbreaking situations (with nice/happy endings unless I state otherwise in the tags)

🔞: Smut, mature sexual content; may consist of soft or explicit content (read only if you are comfortable with it)

Length & Status
oneshot: a story over 2k that gets developed in one chapter
chaptered: a story that consists of more than one chapter
drabble: for the shake of organizing, I will name as ‘drabble’ all the short stories under 2k and the SNS aus (from twitter)

💀: Unfinished, old fics that are either never finished or on hiatus 

🔛: Ongoing, fanfics that have slow/fast updates

Important Notes

  1. If it has no content tag it means it’s a classic romance/romcom general fic. Either that or I’m too stupid to distinguish which tag to put lol
  2. Before reading the fics that contain smut/sexual content, please make sure to also read the author’s tags/warnings. Read only if you are ok with this type of content!
  3. I apologize in advance if I don’t have enough/or at all fics in this list for your favorite ship. I am trying to find fanfics for all the pairing so please recommend me your faves!
  4. Also a huge thank you to all my friends who helped me and recommended me fanfics that I loved and put in this list! You are all amazing and ily~ 


BinHwan (Hanbin/Jinhwan)

BobDong (Bobby/Donghyuk)

BobHwan (Bobby/Jinhwan)

ChanBob (Chanwoo / Bobby)

DongBin (Donghyun / Hanbin) 

DongChan (Donghyuk / Chanwoo)

DongHwan (Donghyuk / Jinhwan) 

Double B (Bobby/Hanbin)

JunBin (Hanbin / Junhoe)

JunBob (Bobby / Junhoe)

JunDong (Junhoe / Donghyuk)

JunHwan (Junhoe / Jinhwan)

YunBin (Yunhyeong / Hanbin)

YunDong (Yunhyeong / Donghyuk) 

YunHwan (Yunhyeong / Jinhwan)



Triple Kim (Hanbin / Bobby / Jinhwan) 

BobChanBin (Bobby / Chanwoo / Hanbin)


[SCAN] 190520 iKON for VOGUE (June Issue)

© lovable_hb


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© KimDdeuDdu | do not edit.  


@ double b

  do something for us today…pwease


Q: What do you want to do if you can use magic?
Hanbin: I want to abolish all the power/rights in this world, and create a new world.
Bobby: First, I want everyone to be happy. Second, I want Africa to rain food twice(?) a week.




bobby special talent 💦

+ amazed hanbin 


© choncho111333 | do not edit.


© choncho111333 | do not edit.

Hanbin: The food’s too hot, I can’t eat it.
Bobby: You’re too hot and I still eat you.
Donghyuk: *slams knife and fork down* ONE DINNER!! I JUST WANTED ONE. DINNER.