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Yunhyeong: It’s hard being a parent of 6 grown up boys sometimes, but I love my members and that’s all that matters–
Junhoe: [in the background] Yunhyeong! I tried to make ramen in the coffee pot and I broke everything!
Yunhyeong: [inhales]

Jinhwan: *pats Hanbin and Bobby on the back*
Jinhwan: Good job on stage today, gays.
Hanbin: Um…don’t you mean “guys”?
Jinhwan: Did I fucking stutter?

Jinhwan: Why are you naked?
Bobby: I dont have clothes
Jinhwan: You have a ridiculous amount of clothes, Bobby.
Jinhwan, opening his closet: Let’s see, this shirt, this sweater, hi Hanbin, these pants-


Bobby: Donghyuk, let me ask you something.

Donghyuk: *sighs* Sure.

Bobby: Hanbin told me he loves me, and I told him I love cake. That’s not bad, is it?


Bobby: I don’t know what happened! I just panicked and it popped out!

Donghyuk: Hyung, Junhoe disappeared. Can you find him?
Jinhwan: What? You think I have him micro-chipped or something?
Donghyuk: Well, do you?
Jinhwan: …
Jinhwan: Yeah, hang on.

Chanwoo: Anyone under 5’7” can’t talk about fighting someone. like, what’re you going to do? headbutt them in the nipples?
Jinhwan: Say goodbye to your kneecaps, asshole.


Bobby: *takes his shirt off*
Hanbin: What a time to be alive.

I grew up in the same dorm as Junhoe. If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat at all.

Waiter at the cafe in the morning : So, what will it be ?
Other people around:
Donghyuk: Eggs… He would like some eggs