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happy JINHWAN day ♡

happy birthday our boy 🎂🌊💘


[IG STORY] 181221 _dong_ii    

Trans: our hyung, lets keep smiling like this, i love you [cr.]


We love you, our

mischievous, hardworking, multi-talented maknae-on-top.
I’ll always be proud of you.
Happy Birthday, Jung Chanwoo!


A few of my favorite Donghyuk vlives – Chicken // Abs // Revenge // Real Life
Happy Birthday, Donghyuk! Thank you for all that you do for us, iKONICS. 



You’re amazing, you’re perfect, you’re our angel.
Happy Birthday, Kim Donghyuk!

171007 Hiroshima

#KimHanbinDay x MIX&MATCH memories

Dear Hanbin, From Members


Seeing your shining smile makes me happy.
Happy B-day, our


leader! We love you.