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Hello everyone! It’s that time again where our team here at

iKON-Official Tumblr is looking to recruit more people! With some internal changes ongoing we’re looking for 3-5 moderators! We want to improve our ability to provide better and faster updates. We would like to work harder, just like our boys, and show iKON our support through a fanbase that they can be proud of.

Position Description: Posting fantaken pictures onto
our blog (daily iKON updates – such as Instagram posts, news, schedules etc – will also be expected to
be managed)

Depending how busy we are, updating the blog may be a daily or weekly job. 

Even just posting a few posts will be helpful! All we are asking for is someone who has enough time to spend helping us out.


you’ve had experience on a similar sideblog is a bonus, but the admins are 100% willing to teach those who apply and want to contribute to the fandom, so there is nothing to worry about! 

This shouldn’t feel like a chore that needs to be done. We strive to make posting fun and fulfilling in a positive and friendly environment, so we hope you will apply and join our team 🙂


  • Love all the iKON members! 
  • Willing to put time, learn and adapt with the way we run the blog.


Please fill it out accordingly and submit it to us here.

  • Name: (how you want us to call you)
  • Age:
  • Main Tumblr URL: (if you have an iKON sideblog let us know)
  • Country/Timezone:
  • iKON Bias: (you can pick more than one, we know the struggle)
  • Other ways to contact you: (e.g Whatsapp, Kakao, Twitter)
  • Any questions you would like to ask us: (optional)

heyy i just saw your post about wanting help on ikon-official, i’m kinda interested but i want to know what kind of help you need?

Hello! Thank you for taking an interest helping us out! 


You can find everything you need here. The position we are looking for and the kind of help we need. But do keep in mind that you can help depending on your schedule! 

would anyone be willing to help on @ikon-official? we want to continue updating the blog & keep our fandom here on tumblr active, so we would like some help with it.  

Message me if you are intrested!

two bobby selcas in less than a day & at the first one he wrote:

“I got hit like this
by Jinani” 


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lab_5gam’s birthday posts for iKON members.

Thank you Hanbin.


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